Speaking with the Twin

“Oh hi Lucy,” Janice tried smiling but failed miserably.
“What’s wrong?” Lucy asked, full of concern.
“Lucy, you were wrong.” And so were YOU , Janice thought to the little voice, so much for always being right. The voice was too busy with its parade of curses and threats to pay any attention to her.
“What? When was I wro-” Lucy stopped, realization hitting her, “Kyle?”
“Yes Ky- him,” Janice cringed at the name that once set her heart flying.
“He hasn’t asked you out?” Lucy asked in disbelief.
“No. I thought he was but he didn’t. Got all my hopes up too.”
“Oh if he hasn’t by now I’m sure he will. You two are meant to be,” Lucy tried to reassure her.
Janice sat in silence, thinking.
“Lucy, have you ever read any of his writing?”
“Umm… maybe,” Lucy replied, her eyes hiding a secret, “Just a little.”
“You can see it can’t you?”
“See what?”
“See that he’s totally in love with YOU !” Lucy was shocked. She recovered quickly, “No. He does NOT love me.”
“How can you be so sure?”

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