Peripheral Evil OVA Part One (Rewind Jim Jenkins)

We reverse the hour glass to 1998.The jenkins had just moved into their first home.
Mr. Jenkins was a teacher at the local college, with a pretty young wife, and a 5 year old girl named Rosalyn.
“why r’ ya stopping, i am close.”
“I’ll be back it’s probly rosy raiding the cookies.”
“What about my cookies ?”
“Right back.”
As Jim entered the kitchen he saw his little girl standing near the broken jug, and the milk moving on its own around the floor.
Jim grasped her shoulder and a macabre world of grotesque decomposed figures became visible.
They were like statues as they slid, only their toes touched, painting the milk all over the kitchen, in a synchronized dance of the dead. Some ghouls drug unattached arms or legs through the milk, with their eyes fixed on Rosalyn.
The magpie’s sang.
Da Da De Da Dah
She reached her hand, and in a milk spreading whisp the bodies flew away as a swarm of magpies.
“Don’t be scared baby we are movin tonight.”
“I wasnt scared they were at our old house too.”

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