Peripheral Evil Part 12 (Return of the Dreadlocked Djinn )

Sully leaned in for a goodnight kiss.
Then her body went corpse-stiff, and sully spun around to be face to face with the dread locked man.
“What are you doing here?
“Obviously not as good as you?”
“YOU ARE THE DEVIL ? What do you want with me?”
“One question at a time. I am not the devil you give me too much credit. I am just a lowly Djinn.”
“How do i know you are not lieing?”
“Djinn Can’t lie.”
“Yeah right what about the forbidden fruit thing.”
The Djinn materialized a bible in front of sully.
“It says that God told Eve, if she ate of the fruit she would die that very day. The serpent said she would not die. Now i ask you sir who did the lieing?”
The djinn pointed towards Rosie’s frozen face and said,”Do i detect a little tongue? You rogue.”
Sully tried to cover her mouth with his hands and the world began moving.
“Sully you don’t have to push me away if you don’t want a kiss.” rosy said.
“Sorry about that Romeo lets try it again.”
Their lips touched and the kiss resumed

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