Peripheral Evil Part 17 (The lazurus Effect) plus new character introduced the crazy proffessor.

“They are going to do what?
If those half breeds perform the lazarus effect, i will strangle every member, of the order of the Templars myself, and the witches, dont you open your mouths.”
The Order’s High Potentate adds after pointing to the benesuit mothers. Get me That Tanguska crackpot, or kill him and bring his soul, either way have him here in an hour.

Proffessor hidenbach lectured an audience.
“At 7.17 am on 30 June 1908, an explosion of catastrophic proportions 220 x Hiroshima, rocked the desolate, area of Tunguska in Northern Siberia. The explosion was visible at a distance comparable to from washington to Boston. Eye-witnesses nearer the centre of the explosion spoke of a brilliant blue object hurtling through the sky and exploding with a blinding flash and a roar. Despite the size and ferocity of the explosion, only a few dozen wandering herdsmen were killed, as the area is almost totally uninhabitable.
Two armed men interupted,
“Sir you are under arrest.”

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