A Chill In The Night's Air

Everyone stood around Tierran and I, starring. Horror was on their faces. I saw a girl in the corner who had fainted.

I quickly rose to my feet and began running. I ran straight into the crowd, pushing everyone out of my way. Nobody tried to stop me, but, the crowd was so thick that I had to push some people to the ground. I couldn’t stop to worry about that, though. Tierran’s family had probably already alerted the Waarz. I would be lucky if I got out of the club alive.

Finally emerging from the still unmoving crowd, I reached the door. I heaved the heavy metal open and ran into the night air.

I had no choice but to run until my legs stopped moving and my lungs gave out. Why hadn’t I brought my damn car?!

Home was just up the road, but I couldn’t stop there, couldn’t go anywhere near there. They knew where I lived.

The chill in the wind made a stabbing pain in my lungs with each breath. I kept running down the middle of the street, cursing the Waarz, cursing the world, and cursing myself.

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