I Made Apostrophe’s Day [Make Someone’s Day Challenge]

As an example of how to enter this challenge, I went back and found this story by Apostrophe (formerly Sarah Conrad?):
Starting Over –

It was a very painful story about a girl who was simply unhappy with her life. She thought that if she simply up and left her friends wouldn’t even notice, and wondered how long it would take them to notice if ever.

I had been meaning to sequel one of her ficlets for a while, and this was a perfect opportunity. I sincerely hope this challenge can inspire a few of you to go out there, find a story that inspires you, and allows you to make someone’s day.

If you do, please come back here to post a link to their story, we’ll find your sequel. Sequel the challenge post if you want to talk about why you sequeled it, or anything else. I won’t be judging the challenge, but still hope to see plenty of entries. Maybe even a few repeat offenders.

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