I Smell A Winner Challenge

I have breached 200 ficlets with 1400 comments, and I want to celebrate with a challenge!

I heard the line “I smell a winner!” and thought, what an odd phrase!

This can be taken literally, smelling something to find the best, thing...

Or it could be figurative, just claiming a winner without really smelling it…

Or it could be ironic, something smells horrible…

Or it could be sarcastic, something could be a failure and yet we say this.

I know there are several creative writers on this site :) who can use the line “I smell a winner” in a creative way!

A side note: things are smelly around here. Not only have we put out rat poison, but it did it’s job and decaying, undiscovered rat permeates the house. And yesterday we discovered that a skunk is living in the barn! Needless to say, smells have been on the brain.

Yesterday I claimed to be on the “Dead Rat Diet” because any time I went near the kitchen and got a whiff of.. it ..I was nauseated and lost my appetite!

So I’d love to smell a winner!

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