“That was ridiculous!â€? I cried when we got into the car.
“You’ll get used to it.â€? Kevin grinned.
“Where are your Mom and Dad?â€? Emily asked Nick.

“They had to go do something.â€? Nick said, vaguely. “We’re gonna meet up with them.â€?
Joe changed the subject. “So Emily, are your parents coming for Christmas?â€?
She beamed. “Yes! They think it’s a great idea for all of us to spend Christmas together! I think they might be a little bit shocked about my hair color though.â€?
Nick laughed at that.

Christmas! I thought. It’s the day after tomorrow. I completely forgot!

The car arrived at the hotel and we went up to our rooms.
“Go get dressed.â€? Joe said, shooing us into our adjoining room. “We’re going out.â€?
“Where?â€? I asked.
“Out.â€? Kevin said, vaguely. “Your dresses are on your beds. Hurry!â€?
He shut the door.
Emily and I looked at each other confused.
She smiled and headed over to her bed. “Everything happens for a reason.â€?
“Right. Let’s get dressed.â€?

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