Imaginary enemies (New Hope part 2)

“Nana used to say before the sheriffs took her and Papa, that there were dragons once, and the other children would laugh”,the boy reminisced.
Kira kicked shadows as he thought about the viking king turned christian who had taken his family. He drew an old oak limb like a sword and began, “King Bluetooth your presence is required in hell.”
Kira flew around the imaginary battlefield, like he was slaying the viking king’s royal guard with the swiftness of Yojimbo.
“Now it is your time to realize the old ways were the real ways.”
Kira swung his stick and lost his balance, tumbling on his back.
“Oh don’t kill me Bluetooth. Oh you didn’t know dragons were real huh? turn around and face the instrument of your destruction.”
Kira speaks in high pitch voice supposed to be bluetooth’s
Oh no. Dragons aren’t real please i peed my pants let me live.
Then he saw a a small corn snake.
“Score!! Now you will eat good tonight.”

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