The Library II

It took us a while to decide on an exact plan of action. I wanted to jump out a window and hijack a car to take to the library. Unfortunately Sarah nixed that plan on the grounds that we’re both to young to drive, and that we were unlikely to have members of the Japanese mob chasing us.

That meant that we would have to rely on the enemy of children everywhere for transportation. Parents.

And so it was that a lovely little popsicle picture frame and a few well placed compliments saw us in the back of my Mom’s van on the way to the library.

It was twilight when she dropped us off. The library dwarfed us. We craned our necks as our eyes trailed up the seemingly endless staircase and continued up the columns in the front. The sun sunk behind the library, and we were left in a hazy dark. Sarah pulled a wooden crucifix with a sharpened end and a rubber band gun out of her backpack. I hefted my boomerang and a rusty machete. We paused, exchanged a glance, and we started our climb to reach evil’s demise.

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