Here's Hoping I Made THX 0477's Day [Make Someone's Day Challenge]

When I heard about this challenge, I immediately thought of THX 0477 . He’s one of my favorite writers on this site, and yet I didn’t think I’d read much of his older stuff. So I went digging, and I found a story that is almost one year old:

The Baroness’ Morning

It is about a larger than life (literally!) character, a baroness, whose title is almost too long to fit within the confines of this ficlet. She is such a compelling character, and yet I found myself drawn to the nameless “maid” in the story.

If you’ve read my stuff, you know I’m all about the supporting characters (ahem, Sassy or Prandi, anyone?). So I wanted to extend the story and give a chance for the maid to gain her own story, maybe even a name of her own, if the story goes any further.

“The Baroness’s Morning” was a fun read and I hope I did it justice with my sequel, “The Baroness’s Request.”

My sequel to THX 0477 ’s story can be found at:

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