Not A Morning Person

It was a glorious morning. The sunrise was spectacular in tints of orange and pink over the blueish hues of the distant forest.

But King Bluetooth hadn’t seen it. He snored loudly behind heavy bed curtains while servants silently drew his bath and set out his clothes.

King Bluetooth must be wakened promptly at 8, but no sooner, or he would throw the offending servant into the pig sty. If he was wakened too late, he would demote his entire entourage to the stables.

His current personal staff was led by Esben Drey who was so punctual his team had served for nearly 8 months!

Esben stood stock still beside the curtains, looking at the large wall clock. When the thinnest hand pointed directly up to the heavens he pulled open the heavy curtains with a flourish, calling “Good Morning Your Highness.”

The King refused to speak before his morning ablutions, so after he had bathed, dressed, and eaten most of his breakfast, he eyed Esben and said, “What’s for today?”

“Sentencing prisoners for tax evasion at ten,”

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