Held by the Sun

“Hey, little one, wake up.”
The little girl opened her eyes. It felt as though she were laying on the softest bed in the universe, and it probably was.
She found herself looking at the sun, only it was closer, and much larger, but somehow less bright. However, she could not spot the one who had told her to wake up.

She focused her eyes on the sun to find that it had a face with a warm and welcoming smile. She looked around her to see that the sun was holding her with it’s enormous, warm hand.

“You can talk?” she asked the sun, who was still smiling.
“Yes, all stars can talk. I saw you falling from above, so i caught you here in my hand.” he pointed at her with his great index finger.

“The stars were exploding, I thought. I heard them.”
The sun’s smile fell a little bit.
“That’s because the stars are at war…”
The little girl’s mouth dropped slightly.
“At war? That’s why they were exploding?”
“Yes, and probably why your planet came to its dark end…”

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