I Made Paper Flowers Day!!!!!!! I Hope...... (Make some one's day challenge)

So Paper Flowers, I hope I made your day.

Her ficlet:

My ficlet:

It was journal form and that’s the main reason I decided to sequel. I did use my actual journal’s name in this. I hope she doesn’t get mad at me- the journal that is.

I had been wanting to sequel one of her stories but I’m not a very good writer and I didn’t want to try and start a series with her because I thought my stories wouldn’t measure up to hers.

It was started by Mathew Brown. It’s about how one day some kid woke up and realized there was no one else in their city or in nere-by cities. They told their diary about it. Then another kid woke up in a different place and discovered that no one else was in their neighborhood. So in my sequel I wrote about waking up to find no one from a different person’s point of veiw.

I hope you like it and I hope I made Paper Flowers’ day.

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