The Darkness That Lurks in Our Mind

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: After a victim have had a painful and traumatic experience, he/she will try to suppress the memory of the experience.

I didn’t want to go near that damn post office. Every single month, on the 10th, they told me that I need to pick up my mail. Well, goddammit maybe I don’t want my mail! Maybe I don’t want them tellin’ me I got bills to pay for this and that and that I ain’t makin’ enough so they’re tryin’ to help and I don’t need no help! I don’t want to go to the fuckin’ post office and that was final.

However, they told me that they wouldn’t deliver my mail anymore. I waited and waited. Soon my electricity was cut off, then my water… I looked at the calendar. It was the 23rd of September. So I went to the damn post office and opened up the mail. A bunch of letters came flying in my face. I tried to sort through them all but there was one that caught my attention. The name on it said “Tim.”

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