Pianissimo Epilouge

They killed him! They killed him! They killed him and burned him along with the sunset. Everything ablaze, the bastards, Tim, and me…the river! It was all so hot, so hot…

And I only stood there and watched. I was too frozen to do anything. They were going to kill me too. I was going to die the same way! So I ran! I ran! I ran!!!!!!!

Before it, the scene of the library disappeared. I was back in our special place. The sun was setting, lighting everything on fire again.

Local Lumberjack Found Dead: Edward Owens, a local lumberjack was found under Mt. Camis yesterday. He was found lifeless by neighbor “Ol’” Robert Hendricks. Hendricks says, “It’s karma, I tell ya. First he left his fella to die and now he’s dead.” Owens’ lover, Tim Evans was beaten to death on the…last… Owens was seen by the convicted murders to have fled the scene “after he realized we were going to torch his queer as too.” His funeral will be held at…

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