Ficlet finger of fate

Well, I’m still real new on this lovely sight y’all run here,so I’m still very proud of my FF{first ficlet} Birth of a Ninja Mole(shameless plug).I’ve only got a dozen or so ficlets under my belt. The weird thing about mine is that quiet a few read like the most degenerate kind of exploitative fiction, but those are the ones that are only slightly edited true stories.You write what you know and what i know is sickos.
As for expectations, I was introduced to this stellar little sight by one of the sickest, most depraved awesomest villains i ever had the rare privilege to party and pillage with in real life. So my expectations were to expect the unexpected, assume nothing , question everything, and always watch my back…
So far the experience has been loads of fun. It has also confirmed some of my own twisted notions of the human psyche; like even cool supportive people love to hate, my most offensive story also got the most views and comments. Also dog sex ain’t cool-we all rallied round that flag toot sweet!

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