G2 Goes Out With A Bang or Music to Krulltar's Ears

For a split second the futuristic ficlet fisticuffs frenzied to a final furious confrontation, and then….
Mighty Joe had armed the self destruct mechanism inside his cyborg bosom.
As G2 Raised her foot to deliver the patented ‘Why you kill my teacher, why, why ,why Bruce Lee stomp kick’ A piece of shrapnel that had been the androids codpiece cleaved off her head.
When the dust settled there were four figures in a showdown, each with their own agenda, and opinion of who was really awesome.

“Hey before you say Wah Wah Wah (You know like the good the Bad and the Ugly) don’t forget about us.”
They all turned to see the apocalyptic Power Puff trio of Jenunique, More Ways, and Pens and Feathers.
“This dance card ain’t full,” Screamed Wall doll as she Began the deadly dance, by belting Krully with the posthumous Alro’s guitar.

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