I Hope I Made Mask By The Moon's Day: Make Someones Day Challenge

Mask BY The Moon’s 2nd Ficlet, really well written, I Hope I made her day by sequeling it.

I found a light on a block down the road. So I wasn’t dreaming. I wasn’t asleep.
I hoped that someone could help me and explain my predicament.
I needed the sun to come up. Morning light seemed a faint memory to me now.

I banged on the door to the only house with a light on inside.
“Help me, please someone,” yelled through the closed door.

I heard footsteps.

“Get away from here. I know what you are and what you want.Go away or I’ll shoot,” the gruff female voice bellowed.

“I won’t hurt you I promise,” I cried. I needed this nightmare to end somehow, someway. I kept pounding on the door,
I heard a sound. I felt a sting. I felt weak and collapsed onto the front porch.
I saw a light. A wonderful bright light. I never felt so glad to see such aluminous light in my life.

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