Dinner and a Note

“Sweety? Dinner!” I heard my mom yell up as I finished reading about how much I put a smile on Bartimaeus’ face.

I jumped down the last few stairs before sitting down to dinner.

“Are you ok?” My dad asked me suspiciously.

“Yeah. Just wrote a really good ficlet.” I lied seamlessly, sitting in my seat and grabbing my hamburger from the plate in the middle of the table.

My brother chatted on and on about his day and the bike ride him and his friends had gone on. I ony slightly listened, making comments when appropriate and such… but I didn’t say much else. My mind was to busy wondering what Bartimaeus was up to. Finally dinner was over and everything had been cleaned up, I ran as inconspiciously as possible back up to my room. I just couldn’t wait to see if he had sent me anything more.

I hit refresh and waited. After what felt like an eternity the page loaded and there was yet another note from him. A smile spread like wildfire across my face.

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