Shadows and Light

The tuna fish sandwich fell to the ground, unnoticed by Janine. Unnoticed, too, was the squirrel who boldly skittered up and began nibbling on the crust, twitching his button nose curiously at the woman.

Janine only had eyes for her shadow.

You see, her shadow was doing something quite strange at the moment. Something Janine herself was definitely not doing. Slowly, it stood up and beckoned Janine to follow it. She sat looking down at her hands, which lay open in her lap, and gaped, dumbfounded.

“You want me to follow you…?” she breathed, instantly feeling stupid for talking to her own shadow. But her surprise only deepened when the shadow began beckoning even more energetically.

“Oh my God. That’s it. I’m going insane. I’m actually going insane! I knew I should have taken that two week vacation, but no, the Big Head Honcho insisted -“

Janine’s words were immediately cut off mid-rant when the shadow decided to do something even wilder to get her attention; it flew up into the sunlit sky.

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