Help me...

A boy sat in his closet, the door closed and music petrifying his ears with painful sound… He turned off the lights to allow the darkness penetrate him and take his heart.
He whispered coldly to himself and closed his eyes, letting himself fall into the burning bleakness inside of him.

He heard a shriek and opened his eyes, looking desperately for a way out. But the closet door only shrunk as it moved farther and farther away. He reached out and tried to get up, but cold hands restrained him and pulled him back to the floor.

He could feel the music taking his mind into its clutches, refusing to let go. He tried desperately to rip the earbuds out, but they stuck like glue, tightening their grip each time he tried to free himself.

He heard another shriek, but this one not out of terror. It was laughter. Laughter at the way he tried helplessly to rid himself of the poisonous music… It laughed harder at his cries of pain from the blade drawing blood that trickled down his skin to the floor…

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