A Good Looking Day Ahead

I woke up the next morning to my obnoxious alarm, which had been set to 6:30.

Oh. My. God… I am so stupid…

I stayed up until at least 3:30 last night, and it felt as though my legs had been severed, and they were useless to me.
I tried rising and failed miserably, falling back onto my pillow and closing my eyes. I tried remembering what happened the night before, then I remembered I’d been talking to her... Band Baby. I smiled as much as my tired muscles would allow.

She’s so sweet… I need to get her AIM so we can talk easier…

Thinking about last night’s lively conversation gave me just enough of an adrinaline rush to get me up and into the shower. The hot water poured over me like a river flowing steadily over smooth stones. After washing my hair and everything else, I hopped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around my waist, and wiping the steam off the mirror.

I smiled at my own reflection, and let out a joyful chuckle.
“Today’s gonna be a good day…”

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