Night of the electrified plush apes

The teddy bears were amazed. Plush gorillas should have known better than to try to climb the electric fence. Their circuitry went bad and they started twitching. After a dozen incidents or so, all within a couple of hours, amazement gradually transformed into panic. What were the prisoners up to? Bear, oh bear, this won’t look good on paper.
When night came down, it became downright creepy. shadows of twitching bodies via a thick sawdust haze.
Then the lights went out, sprinklers soaked the bears for a few minutes (making them heavier than usual), then all the gates opened, freeing the captive plush animals who were just waiting for the cue. They were prepared, they had stashes of weapons, the wet bears had no chance.
You see, when humans were still around, plush gorillas used to be their X10 home appliance controllers. When the camp systems went X10 , all they needed was for enough of them to plug into the circuitry via the electric fence, and that, my son, was the beginning of the end of teddy bear tyranny.

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