Trying to Hold On

It was all just a lie… I thought to myself, my hands now clenched into fists.

“Tyler? Tyler, please tell me you’re ok…” She wasn’t holding back her tears anymore, and I could tell she was beginning to sob.

“I’m fine, Candi…” I didn’t do so well in hiding my emotions when I spoke.

“Tyler… Remember what you said? Remember what you promised me? Please tell me… you won’t do anything… You have no idea how much that hurt me, and the rest of your friends when we saw the scars on your arm…”
She was all-out tears now, trying hard to form words between her heaving breath from sobbing.

I felt so torn and angry… Everything was perfect… Why did it all have to come crashing down?!
“Why, Candi?” I whimpered.
“I’m so sorry Tyler, but you had to know… You’re my best friend, and I couldn’t just keep that from you…”
I shook my head and pounded my fist on the wall.
“I gotta go, Tyler… Please promise me you’ll be ok…”
I hung up grimly.

I need her...

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