FICBLOG!!!: Callenge Round- up!!!

Hey guys! As the first real blog I am going to do a round up! Since it hasn’t been done in a while, sorry if your challenge gets left out in the mix.

Family Challenge
by Band Baby
Write a funny family nonfiction or fiction!

Diabolically Villainous Challenge
by g2 (la pianista irlandesa)
Describe a villian from any form! Mwhahah!

Achieving the top of the World
By Blusparrow
Write a fiction or nonfiction story about being at the top of the world!

Major Arcana: Tarot Ficlet Challenge
by Cobweb
Write a Ficlet based on Tarot Cards!

Make Someone’s Day Challenge
by John Perkins
Make a Ficleters day by sequeling a 42 day old Ficlet!

Welcome to Life Challenge
by Valley Fey/Pinprick
Write a ficlet about giving advice to a new life!

Here they are! Also, we have almost hit 40,000 ficlets! =D,

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