More on writing

I thought I might be too hard on some writers in Ficlet Writers so I reread what I wrote. After rereading it I wouldn’t change a thing, but, I have a couple of things to add : if you’re writing just for the fun of it, go to it, have fun. However if you are serious, get serious. Study your craft. It’s not enought to just be a reader, but study the style of the things you read, of the sort of books you enjoy. Experiment using different voices, a pro can use different voices in the same story, but you’re not a pro. Stick to first or third person.

You should have at least three books in your library – A good, up to date, dictionary, a good thesaurus, and most important of all a copy of The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. & E.B. White.

I hope one of you will be the next Stephen King, or Erskine Caldwell. Good Luck.

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