Jealousy Crew

“Jay, before you say or do anything, please let me explain if you don’t understand what happened. I didn’t know you would come back to the house!”

“Winter, you don’t have to explain anything. It’s fine. What I don’t understand though is why the old Jealousy Crew is here…”

“Well, you see, Winter and I ended up at the Broken Trash Can today, and while we were eating M&M covered pizza we both decided that we needed to get the group back together before Ron has to disappear.” April always had flawless explainations.

“Wow, that’s amazing, but I just don’t know if it’ll work. We’ve just grown so far apart.” Jay did have a bit of a point…

“Jay, man, I miss the group, and so do Winter and April. We’re up to trying if you are.”

“Oh, well, then what the heck. Reunion of the Jealousy Crew it is! I say we do what we always used to. Let’s watch a movie!” I knew Jay would cave in, it’s who he was.

“So what movie should we watch?”

“Whatever you want Ron.” I answered.

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