Not-So-Loverly Interuption

After talking to Tyler for hours, I finally got off my now burning hot laptop and got ready for bed. Just as I was about to fall asleep, my phone vibrated.

hey hun, u still ^?

mmm, barley. I answered, groaning to myself.

i just got home. i missed u ;) He typed texts way to quick for my liking…

miss ya 2… I lied in repsone. The truth was I hadn’t thought about my current boyfriend since I began talking to Tyler.

i cant wait 2 c u. so look out ur window! Recluctantly, I got up and went to my window. Sure enough there he was standing right outside my window on my front walkway. I quickly grabbed a jacket for these luke-warm nights and closed my door. Silently, like I’d done it a thousand times, I opened my window and hoopped down to the roof below.

“Hey Babe!” Jack called up, blowing me a kiss. I plastered on a fake smile and talked absent-mindedly, thinking about Tyler the whole time my boyfriend was talking to me.

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