Painful Story

I just starred at my computer as tears, starting slowly but quickly gaining speed, poured down my face. I was so glad my family was out of the house and couldn’t see me this way.

About an hour later I called Jack.

“Jack.. I’m so sorry… I can’t do this anymore… I hope we can still be friends!” I cried into my cell.

He didn’t answer for a long time. Finally he said, “I cheated on you while I was away. That’s why I so ddesperately wanted to be with you lately… to forget the other guy.”

I sat in stunned silence. “Oh… Jack… I’m sorry again for this.” And I hung up.

I desperately wanted to tell Tyler about my… gay ex. I consolded myself by writing a ficlet about it. After publishing the painful ficlet, I started at it for what felt like hours. Every once and a while, I would refesh the page looking for new comments.

Finally, four hours later, I saw a comment from Bartimaeus!

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