hurricanes happen... or i left New Orleans after Katrina and all I got was a lousy category one in south Texas

O.K. the weather is annoying , inconvenient and often deadly.People that discuss the weather over much are very often the same , but today I would like to offer this ‘let to the gods of meteorology with a simple “bugger off weather gods”!
I am a native New Orleanian who left after Katrina , so to be living under the threat of a category 1 in South Texas is really annoying.It’s actually kind of insulting…and the name…It’s called Dolly- really all I can think is Helllooo Dolly, who names these things? I personally will be calling this Hurricane Dipshit… anyway I’m just venting so -whatever, but my personal belief is that if the weather isn’t likely to kill at least a dozen people it shouldn’t be on the news-that’s all I’m saying! And also you know 80 mile an hour wind isn’t THAT big a deal … 80 on the highway with the windows open-that’s all i’m saying…

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