Prosopagnosia: The Face in the Mirror

The face stared back at her from the mirror. The face of a stranger. The face was thin, guant and pale. Wide dark eyes looked back at her. Lips quivering, she reached up to touch her head.
Her hair was impossibly short. Too short to discern a color. It had been shaved. The reason obvious. She stared in horror. Tears began to form. Her head, no longer round was concave on one side. She reached up to touch the sunken flesh.
A hand touched her gently on the shoulder. She turned tears streaming down her face. A nurse placed arms over her shoulders guiding her back towards the bed.
“Where am I?” Her voice cracked.
“Safe.”The nurse replied placing her in bed.
The nurse adjusted her blankets and pillows. From a nearby cart she took a tiny cup filled with a variety of colorful pills.
“Take these.”She instructed handing her a cup of pills and one of water.
Dutifully she placed the pills on her tongue. Swallowed. Drank the water.
She lay in bed.The lights blinked hypnotically. Then blessed oblivion.

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