Table For Two

The entire train ride all I could think about was seeing Tyler. Actually Tyler was all I ever thought about recently. I watched out the window as we pulled into the station. Mom and I got out gawking at all the beauty that was Grand Central Station. We walked outside and hailed a cab.

Mom and I talked all the way to the hotel. When we got there and unpacked I asked if I could go down and look around. Mom was nervous about letting me go alone but she was really tired and I finally made her cave. Grabing my cell, I headed out the down already dialing Tyler’s number.

“Hey you.” I said a smile already on my face.
“Hey yourself.” He answered.
“You in New York yet?” I questioned as I looked around at the stores that surrounded me.
“Just got to the hotel… Why?” He asked me.
“Can you get away? I’m standing in front of this nice looking restaurant. Wanna meet me in ten?” A sly smile on my lips.
“Sure. See you there.”

We hung up and I went inside.

“Table for two, please!” And there I sat waiting.

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