Save yoour love AKA Spam Challenge

Hey all you happy ficleteers! I found this in my mailbox yesterday and it made me want to create a challenge:

“Summerlee. That i should have lived to see such i break every bottle? Are you sure? Every one? Had darkened, and the eyes had paled. Some faces of thy counsellor. Then turning himself to the fell away from him, showing the rough human man mr. ii ffin,ancy was ^y as thrilled as when he got my father’s and brothers’ supper to get, and of the extremely genteel seminary for young ladies, fashion. Take a pike, draw him, dress the rivet, apartments in the north tower. When barney regained those which are used for an illegal purpose. Exactly. the judgment of god, because before she married is not attained, by the air of reality which the gets the selling agency for the hamsuckett people, more than that, it was the position which, as.”

So the challenge is: Create a ficlet that almost makes some sense. Add a sprinkling of typos and a dash of punctuation. Should be fun watching what you come up with!

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