An unexpected surprise

After my leg was wrapped up, I was eased into a wheel chair, Rose watching with worry in her eyes. It seemed to be replaced by relief once I was comfrotable, and I gave her a quick reassuring smile, which she returned.

With the exception of me, we all walked out of the hospital together. I noticed Rose’s face distorted by worry yet again, and I reached out to hold her hand. She looked over when she noticed my touch, smiling, and intertwined her fingers with mine as we exited through the sliding doors.

My dad caught our attention when we reached the sidewalk just outside the hospital.
“How about we all go out to eat together? ill pay, and I think those two would like some more time together.”
Rose and I smiled at each other and nodded at my dad.
“Ok, but I’ll have to drive, since I took my car.” my mom said.

As she went off to her car, we hailed a cab. Once we were settled in the cab, something unexpected happened. Lights flashed and the driver turned around.
“Hey guys! Welcome to the Cash Cab!”

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