Enough risks taken

We all began laughing, though Rose and her mother looked slightly confused. My dad and I watched Cash Cab on the Discovery channel all the time, but we’d never thought about being part of the show. My dad and Rose’s mom sat in the front, while Rose and I sat together in the back.

As the cab began to move forward, Rose leaned closer to me, resting her head snuggly upon my shoulder. I wrapped an arm around her, pulling her closer as my chest began to explode with fireworks.

My dad and Rose’s mom answered most of the questions, with an ocassional suggestion from either Rose or I. But we mainly focused on each other, knowing it wouldn’t be long before we wouldn’t be able see each other.

Unfortunately, the cab soon came to a stop in front of the Blue Hill restaurant at which we’d eaten earlier. The cab driver turned around, explaining we could either take the money we’d earned, or risk it all for a bonus question. Eventually, we decided that enough risks had been taken for the day, and took the money.

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