Meanwhile, in a City by the Bay.... or Krulltar's Oreo Blast

OrangeOreos stepped out onto the penthouse veranda for some fresh air. In light of today’s news reports, OrangeOreos was glad to be a conscientious objector in the War of Awesomeness.

“Orange, a package has just arrived.â€? OrangeOreos’ assistant, Carl, poked his head out.

“It should be a copy of my novel that my publisher wanted me to proof. Just bring it out here, Carlâ€?

OrangeOreos peeled away the brown paper wrapping to revel a Jack-in-the-Box.

“That’s an odd looking book.â€? Carl teased.

“Carl, you’re not funny.â€? OrangeOreos said while turning the handle. Un-surprisingly, it played Pop Goes the Weasel. “I never really liked these things. Do you know the French call it diable en boîte which means boxed devil â€?

As the song ended, a velvety clown popped out of the box, with a post-it note on it’s chin that read: No one is immune. Most Sincerely, Krulltar

The explosion that followed rocked the building as what was left of the veranda showered down twelve stories to the street below.

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