Ficlets Autobiography Chapter 2: Jenunique

Known to my fellow Ficletteers as Jenunique but my family and friends call me Jennifer. Born under a Libra sun, I’ve a tendency to gravitate to all things artistic. I also have the negative trait of fickleness which sends me in too many directions at once, that ultimately ends up in me accomplishing nothing.

I am currently employed as a Media Center Assistant, which is a fancy title for someone who helps the librarian at our local high school. It is the first job I can say I truly love. I am also the Technology Representative for the High School. This, however, I am not happy with and there are not enough characters to explain why.

I am a mother of two wonderful boys. (But, today happens to be one of those good days.) Both are football players. Not soccer, mind you, but real gridiron football. The oldest is a hunter in training, the younger is surpassing me in his knowledge of computers.

I am very happily married. I consider him my best friend. And he patiently tolerates my constant Ficletting.

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