Memories of the Bay

As he looked out over the bay, the lights dancing along the cables of the Bay Bridge he could not help but think of her.

It had been five years, but he could still remember it like it was yesterday, the spray, the fun… It had seemed like such a good idea to go out on Cory’s yacht that day, and Cara had loved every moment of it, well at least until she had fallen off the boat. It was crazy to have stayed out in the Bay after dark, but everyone wanted to see the Port Authority and the TransAmerica building lit up, and no one gave a lot of thought to the number of beers and magheritas that everyone had thrown back.

It was at least fifteen minutes between Cara slipping and falling, somewhere up near the bow, before someone noticed that she was missing. He had gone out of his mind, screamed her name, almost jumped into the water himself, and he would have done if Cory had not held him back.

They stopped looking for her after four days. He could not bear to think of her alone in the dark, cold and frightened.

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