I can't believe!

You know I have always been fascinated at how attuned and sensitive people are to their names. Whenever someone hears their name, they are alert and defensive, wondering who uttered it and why. That strange quality may have just saved my life.

What kind of mother would talk about their child that way? But then of course I always had suspicions she was my surrogate mother.

But what really gets me mad was “according to Michelle”. I trusted her! I believed her! I kept her secrets and THIS is how she repays me!

I want to sream, to shout, to kick Michelle’s skiny butt to the closest moon. I want to push over my “mom’s” glass china cabinet. Then i want to smile at her face just to spite her!

But the thing is I cant just smile anymore. Any minute now I think I might bite someone’s head off. But if I give any indication that i know something, or that something is wrong, I am positive something wil happen, as to what will happen I cant even fathom a guess, but for sure i will be prepared.

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