Why are you hesitating?

She pursed her lips impatiently as his hazel eyes darted back and forth across her face and body. It was hard to imagine that four years together had gone by. Her feet were twitching uncomfortably and his eyes evaded her’s as she went to speak.
“What?” She asked with a small choleric whine. A groan came deep from his chest. “Ken, why are you hesitating? We love each other; we’re practically married. I’ve made my final decision and I want to be with you forever.”
“But,” he swallowed, painfully.. “You love your friends and your job…and you love your life now, don’t you?” Kenneth still wasn’t looking at her. His gaze was somewhere out beyond the London skyline.
She had never felt so awkward with him before. He was normally the only one she felt entirely comfortable with. “I would rather be with you and our friends. I mean, I didn’t have a family until you…”
“Crissy…” he stopped her with a cold hand on her cheek. She could see his fangs and for the first time, she felt a nervous quiver.

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