Perfection [Your Dream Challenge]

The news was boring, as always these days. Nothing bad ever happened.

Being the greatest world leader in history had its disadvantages, after all.

Paul sighed as he strode over to his panorama window with the best view of Paulville, the first completely eco-friendly major city in the world. From his suite at the top of the tallest tower in the world, you could see for miles through the clean air.

He took one last, bored look around before leaving for the next meeting with his panel of advisers to learn that nothing had gone wrong.

As he entered the room, they all stood and muttered, “All hail the mighty Paul!”

Paul motioned quickly for them to sit, and said, “All right! Tell me everything is all right and we can go back home.”

The advisers looked at one another nervously, before one brave soul spoke up.

“Sir…” Here he gulped loudly. “Someone hacked the earthnet and the entire world is going to collapse in half an hour.”

Paul rose quickly, laughed loudly, and yelled, “Finally! Something goes wrong!”

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