She walks back to her room, tears threatening to spill over. But she had done it, she had gritted her teeth all throughout her mother’s questioning refusing to let the tears show until she safely had her back turned.

Sitting alone in her room now she thought about her mother’s words. The words that had stabed her through her freshly mended heart. The words she thought about over and over each day while he was away.

She throws herself back on her bed and let the tears spill over. She hugs a pillow close to her and wishes with all her might that he could hold her and tell her everything would be alright.

But she knew he couldn’t. She knew that if they ever did meet, it wouldn’t be for a very long time. She knew there was the very real possiblity that she was only setting herself up to be hurt sooner or later. And she knew, with all her heart, how deeply she cared for him in an unexplainable way.

And so she lays on her bed and lets her tears run races down her cheeks until she drifts off into sleep.

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