Mask Preaches to Mighty Joe

The mechanical monstrosity, Mighty Joe sat outside the meeting place cleaning Elsha’s sniper rifle and listening to the pistol packing pugilistic pick pocket mask by the moon lecture him on the dangers of smoking.
“Look Mask I am a cyborg i don’t even think i can get cancer.”
“You are so hard to talk to. Just forget it.”
“Look mask i have had my head removed been fused with Sarah Conrad, you have been shot after becoming some weird alchemy experiment, and you are scared of carbon monoxide.”
“You still don’t get it do you? Perkins and krully and Elsha can control our life force because they can control their own see. You can’t even control your addiction and you dont even have a real body”
“You are right mask, i am not gonna smoke any more cigarettes.”
The cyborg stomped out the half smoked camel.
Mask looked away and winced at the thought invading her mind associated with the pain of Elsha’s Necromancy, Then yelled, “I thought you quit?”
“This is a cigar its different.”
“You are incorrigible.”

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