C-3PO Can Fly?

Yoda watched happily as his short Force lesson payed off, with Eragon lifting Saphira off the ground.
“One with the force you are,” Yoda babbled.
“You know what Yoda?” Eragon asked, “Even if you are annoying and green, and you say random stuff about the Force all the time, you’re pretty cool, considering all the cool stuff you taught me.”
“Very cool Yoda is,” Yoda agreed. “Ride Saphira you will, and carry robots and me you will, if save Leia we must.”
“Okay,” Eragon agreed, and he hopped on Saphira’s back and carried out Yoda’s orders. And after a few moments of preparations, they were flying! Sort of…
“Oh my,” C-3PO said,” This is quite exhilerating Master Eragon.”
R2-D2 beeped his agreement.
After they’d been flying for quite a while without incident, R2 suddenly began beeping loudly.
“R2 says that Leia is nearby,” C-3PO translated.
“Oh man,” Eragon said, “I was hoping you wouldn’t say that.”
“Why?” C-3PO asked.
Eragon pointed at the Death Star, hovering in the air above them. “She’s in there.”

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