A vampire, a werewolf and a mummy...(who f@#$ed Ficlets challenge)

A table is just discernible in the shadowy confines of the subterranean vault. What at first appears to be a seated marble statue moves and speaks.
” I know you werewolves had something to do with it going down, because it happened during the full moon!”The vampire Lord is close to furious.”You knew I was hanging on the LoA series, and you just had to MESS with me!”
The lupine head of the wolfman becomes visible in the gloom as his eyes glow red.”That is just retarded! I was as desperate to read the Heath Ledger series as anything! If I wanted to mess with you I just would’ve sent over the extra garlic pizzas like I always do…”
A garbled mess of syllables comes from the god forsaken form of what can only have been Frankenstein’s creature.
“He says screw the both of you,”the mummy translates.” He was working on a series about the Jonas brothers when it crashed and he lost both drafts.”
“In any case,” the undead Lord intoned,” I suppose this Lawver creature is the one we should talk to.If we want answers…”

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