t3h h0rd3$ 4r3 up0n u$!

A swarm of n00bs had congregated in the browse story spaces, and the hunters were having a hard time rounding them up.

“What are we going to do?”

“d0nt l00k 4t m3!”

“Quit speaking like that! They’ve gotten to your brain!” YodaOnCrack insisted, twirling a n00b net expertly.

“i c4nt h3lp it!” Never Explain replied, “i w4$ 3xpo$ed t00 l0ng.”

NightMaiden took liberty of the situation, and pulled a red marker from her voluminous robes. “Begone, n00b spirit!” she cried, brandishing the correcting tool in Never Explain’s face.

There was silence as they anticipated the results of NightMaiden’s mini exorcism.

The web-sorceress sighed. “Speak, or we’ll never find out what actually happened.”


“Much better,” thebetweenspace said, turning back towards the oncoming horde of n00bs.

“Now…what are we going to do about these bozos?”

NightMaiden laced her fingers together as an orb of cyber energy laden with numbers and letters swirled in her palm and shrugged.

“Fry them, perhaps?”

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