The Juniper Tree (Truely Grim) pt. 3

Very soon Mariana bore Willhelm a child, a daughter they named Marjory. As the children they loved each other, more and more every day. At the same time, Mariana’s hate for her husband’s son grew. She knew that Julian was the only thing standing in the way from Marjory inheriting all of her father’s fortune. Her thoughts grew wicked and vile, planning on how to get rid of the boy. She was horrible to the child when he came home from school and when his father was gone. Marjory was Julian’s only comfort.

One early afternoon in spring, after Julian had gone off to school and Willhelm off to his affairs, Marjory came to see her mother.
“Mummy, may I have an apple?”
Mariana smiled on her child and answered sweetly. “Oh course my sweet.” And she went to the great locked chest where the apples were kept.
“Mummy, may my brother have one too?”
When the girl said this a wicked thought came to Mariana’s mind. She slammed the chest and said,
“You shall not have one before your brother.”
Then she waited for the boy.

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