Restless Night(part 6)

Wir, wir, wir The overhead fan spun round and round, blowing back my knotted blond curls . I flashed my eyes over to my little digital clock. Ugh, 4:03 am. It was dawn and yet I hadn’t gotten barely a wink of sleep. My mind kept me up, thinking of the worst possible things. I sighed as I picked up the phone. I regretted calling Eliza at such an early time, but I knew if anyone could settle my thoughts, it would be my best friend.
“Hello?” A groggy greeting came from the other side of the line.
“Uh, hi this is-”
“Chelsie? What? Huh?” I took a deep breath.
“I need to talk to someone Liz,” I heard her sit up in her bed.
“Ok, what is it?”
“It’s Travis, he’s back”
“Travis. . .You mean that boy that broke your heart ten years ago?”
“Yes,” I replied softly.
“Oh darlin’ I’m coming over right away,” Before I could protest Eliza hang up the phone. I took it slowly away from my ear and put it quietly in it’s cradle.

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