The Oh So Cliche (Successful) Escape

Feeling quite like Lara Croft, I jumped through the window and onto a factory building’s roof; it was adjoined to a condominium with a – guess what – laundry line!

Being the good girl I am, I took my teacher’s orders (God bless his cranky soul) and untied my jacket from my waist. I looped it around the laundry line, and then I was off!

I zipped to the other roof, and feeling ridiculously triumphant, I whipped out my knife from my right boot (always pays to be prepared), and sliced through the laundry line.

Lin came huffing up the stairs, looking like a Marathon athlete. Her tanned face paled when she saw the laundry line hanging dejectedly on my side of the building.

She regained her equilibrium quickly, and shot back a cliche villain line.

“You got away this time, Xiaoli! But you won’t for long!”

“You keep telling yourself that!” I shouted, and she frowned.

Her outline shimmered, and she was soon gone.

Where did she learn to merge?!

A hand on my back made me jump sky high.


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